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Finding The Best Head Massager

Head and scalp massagers are reported to offer some great benefits including relaxation as well as an aid in promoting a healthy scalp by means of stimulation, cleansing, and providing an environment for hair growth. 

Head massagers come in different styles, depending on the type of treatment you wish to experience. Some are as as simple as a wire brush that you can maually apply or more sofisticated electric head massagers that use heat and pressure to relieve tension headaches and other ailments that can cause stress and discomformfort.

In our discussion below, we wish to highlight these various options, the price, effectiveness, and the pros and cons of each device. We will begin with discussing the many benefits that can be gain from receiving a head massage.

8 Benefits of using a head massager 

1. Relaxation. One of the most immediate benefits from the receiving a head massage how good it feels. Using a head massager can  increase our production of serotonin which is a chemical that improves our mood and sense of well-being.

2. Relief from headaches. When receiving a scalp massage we stimulate the nerves and blood vessels beneath the skin and calm muscle tension around the head. We this enjoy a sense of calmness and ease of tension.

3. Encourages hair growth. A head massager can also contribute to a healthier scalp which can lead to a healthier environment for hair. These are particularly effective when it comes to the removal of dead skin as well as the distribution of natural scalp oils and the circulation other vital nutrients to the hair follicles.

4. Detoxification. Regularly using a head massager can be a great way the lymphatic nodes immune system by excreting waste from the body by the stimulation blood flow to the neck and head.

5. Helps reduce blood pressure. A head massage is a very simple way to deal with high blood pressure problems by decreasing the risk of fluctuating blood pressure lowering stress hormone levels along with other good practices.

6. Easy and convenient. You can virtually give yourself a head massage anywhere as this requires a very simple tool like a spider head massager or a head massager brush. This is something that you can do that. Choir hiring a therapist or the help of another person.

7. A gentle alternative to scratching with fingernails. Particularily for those who struggle with ichy and irrated skin on the scalp. Rather than roughly scratching yourself for relief. The beads on the tips of a manual wire head massager can provide a softer approach to treatment.       

8. Becoming aware of stress triggers. Taking the minimal time acquired to massage are scalp also allows us space concentrate on which things it may be affecting us in a stressful way throughout the day and help us to reflect and make adjustments a simple but enjoying experience.

Precautions when using a head massager

Over use. On the short term a head massager can provide relief from tension and relax you. Be care not to over use the manual or electric head massager. You could end up irratating the scalp or becoming desensitised, losing the calming sensation and achieving the opposite. 

Careful application. If you choose to use a wire scalp massager, make sure to initially slide on from the back of the head always being aware toprotect your eyes as you work towards the front of your head. Gently pushing on the device as not to scratch or dig the wires into your skin. Also for those who have longer and thicker hair, be care of tangling by means of uneven strokes and twisting.

Read & follow instructions carefully. Especially if you are operating an electric head massager. Ensure that the helmet is evenly placed on your head while adjusting the tension to not only fit comfortably but allow for the machine press aginst pressure points without sqeezing too tight. If this is the case, it is recommended that you stop using and adjust the size and position of helmet immediately.

Preexisiting conditions.  Electric head massagers are mainly designed to squeeze and vibrate, fluctuating pressure to the variuos parts of the head as opposed to a simple rubbing motion from manual head massagers. Having less control over the agressiveness of the treatment, it may be wise to consult a health professional before using to avoid any serious injuries.

Realisitic expectations. In cases regarding scalp massagers that claim to aid in hair growth, it is important to note that results may vary and although such types of therapy encourage a healthy environment for a healthy scalp, each individual situation can be different.

6 Highly Recommended Head & Scalp Massagers

Now that you have a better idea of some of the benfits from receiving a head massager, let's have a look at some of popular types of head massagers that are available. We have choosen these particular devices based on their price, style, and effectiveness. Feel free to check out basic wire scalp massager to a more sofisticted electric head massager, as well as water proof and scalp massagers for hair growth.

 1. Breo Portable Mini Scalp Massager 

 If you are looking for something a little more sofisticated than a simple wire scalp massager, this may be a great option for you. This massager does not tangle long hair, and still gets directly at the scalp and the amount of pressure applied to a specific area is directly controlled by you.

This little scalp massager can stretche, crimp, push, rub and grabs your scalp for relaxation and cleaning and removing dead skin. The massage heads are soft enough not to tear or cause major pain.  The massage heads can easily detach for cleaning. If you spend 10 minutes per day, you should get about 9 days of use before needing to recharge.


 2. Ikeepi Head Scalp Massager

A nice alternative to using a standard wire head massager, the iKeep massager has plastic prongs that are spaced out enough to gently rub over your scalp without getting your hair tangled in most cases.

This little handheld massager is not only great for massaging your head but can also be used to treat other areas like your face, neck, and shoulders. There are 2 separate attachments that can be quickly and easily popped out and pushed back in. 

The device does not spin as some have expected but instead vibrates as you apply pressure which contributes to the soothing feeling. Note that it does make a fairly loud buzzing sound which can be relaxing for some or annoying for others.

If you are looking for a scalp massager for the shower, this is not the best choice as it is not waterproof like many similiar products.


3. NORLANYA Electric Head Massager

This all in one electric head massger combines heat, air pressure for targeting pressure points , and vibration to relax the muscles in your head and aid in treating and preventing migraines and headaches, relieving restlessness and insomnia, and relaxes and renews the body's energy levels.

Will your head fit comfortably? The default diameter is 6.3" and can be adjusted up and down 0.79", back and forth 1.38". You'll also want to want to give a little slack when placing over your head to allow room for the interior massage air bags.

Although it looks like a helmet worn in a futurisitc space movie, the treatment from this head massaging machine is fairly effective. Its multiple functions allow to wear it and enjoy a relaxing massaging while sleeping, walking, reading or resting. You can even listen to music while receiving a massage from this unique device.

There are massage nails at the top of the inside of the helmet that vibrate the scalp without scratching. Instead of rollers that are found in many other portable massager, the Norlanya electric head massager has built in air bags that inflate to squeeze the acupuncture points on forehead, temples, and back side of your head. The heat mode helps to calm and penetrate into the areas that need attention.  


4. Felicity 5 in 1 Vibrating Scalp Massager

This five-in-one scalp massaging tool incorporates multiple forms of treatment including a deep scalp massager, a facial massager, a shitsu point massager as well as a magnetic head massager.

Having a simple tool that is both affordable and effective in working such a diversity of body parts can be very beneficial to those who desire such treatment without the use of heavier, more clunky units, and wires.

Use the gentle face massaging tip to relax those muscles and stimulate circulation for therapy and a beautifying tool in combating the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and puffiness.

Applying magnetic therapy has been very beneficial for those who prefer the tingling sensation and the suggested advantages to adding magnets to the tips of this scalp massager. Use the single tip to penetrate hard to reach muscle knots in the neck, shoulders, feet and other areas of the body.


4. Scalp Massager by Body Back Company

These are the most basic of the kinds of scalp massagers that are available. Whether you are looking for a relaxing head massage or a good head scratcher, these simple little wire brushes can deliver the relief you desire.

It's a great alternative to using your habds or having someone else massage your head and feels much better without a damaging scratch to the scalp by means of fingernails and is more hygenic.

Why not treat yourself to scalp massage? Gently raising and lowering the wire tips across the scalp & head to increase blood flow and circulation, experiencing the tingling sensation of ease while allowing your body to sooth itself naturally.


5. MARNUR Scalp Massager

Are you looking for a waterproof scalp massager to use in the shower? The marnur head massager and scalp cleaner may be what you are looking for. It is both economic and versitile when it comes to its various functions.

This 3 in 1 tool is not only great for treating your head but also can be used to exfoliate with its loofa attachment to wash away dead skin and dirt, as well as to massage all other parts of the body with its 10 node massage pad whether you are on the go or in the shower. 

It feels much sturdier compared to similar products. Its curved handle makes it easier to hold. It also has more bristles and a decent vibration which not only is great for massaging other body parts but really works to penetrate and cleans the scalp. The tips of the scalp attachment are of rounded plastic which can agressively remove dead skin and promote natural oil production without causing harmful damage.


6. MagnaRoller Scalp Massager 

The MagnaRoller is primarily used as a scalp massager for hair growth. It focusses on breaking up hard calcified deposits which impedes nutrient rich blood supply to the follicle root thus causing the hair to thin and eventually fall out.

It uses a combinaton of hard scalp massage therapy and whole earth magnets which can be used to reduce blood viscosity and increase flow, particularily when it comes the very small capillaries that supply the hair follicle.

This is a very simple to use device as you place your fingers on its sides and gently roll the tiny spines over the scalp, causing compression of the dermis and hair follicles, increasing circulation, both cleansing and feeding these areas with rich healing nutrients that promote growth.


In Conclusion

There are so many beneficial uses of a head and scalp massager. Whether you are looking to relieve stress and tension, for relaxation, or even for creating a healthy environment for hair growth and a head free of the byproducts that can cause hair loss and other issues.

For those with simple needs a spine wire brush can provide benefits. If your budget and desire for a more hitech approach, an electric head massager can be effective and offer many health benefits. We hope that you are able to make a more educated decion when choosing the best head massager as well as have learned some of the positive effects from receiving a head massage.

Feel free to click any of the links provided to learn more on these highly rated products and the user feedback in your search.