Massage Chairs|Buyers Guide & Reviews

What Are The Advantages of Using A Massage Chair?

Why not have the option of sitting in the comfort of your own living room and enjoying a full back and foot massage while you watch the game or your favorite show? Do you suffer from strained and tense muscles due to age, lifestyle, or work? 

Are you ready to walk in the door from work or the gym and receive a relaxing rub down and chance to decompress? Massage chairs are definately the popular alternative to hiring a therapist or the need to schedule an appointment in order to get the treatment you want on demand. 

Most would consider these to be a luxury item due to their price. However, for those who appreciate the convenience and major health benefits to having such a machine to use for a few minutes a day for positive results, then it may be worth checking out the list of other benefits to a massage chair.

  • Relaxation. Being able to sink back into a comfy chair and having heat, pressure and kneading action to be worked to loosen tight, knotted musles while releasing trapped stress energy for a calming and sense of deep well being. When the body is relaxed our soul can be calm and we can just lay still and sigh at the release of stress energy.

  • Improved Circulation. physical manipulation of soft tissue by means of pulling and squeezing aids in flushing lactic acid from the muscles and works to improve the circulation of the lymph fluid which carries waste away from muscles resulting in lower blood pressure.

  • Rejuvenation & Increased Energy. A moderately agressive massage can stimulate the body's immune system and increases the levels of oxygen in your blood. It also can form an increase in the energy-producing mitochondria of muscle cells. All of these will produce a feeling of higher energy and refreshment.

  • Decreased Lower Back Pain. Receiving a massage through the use a massage chair can result in relaxing the muscles and allowing them to achieve an improved motion range. Pulling the muscles in your lower back can definately limit mobility. A massage chair can be set to penetrate strained around and work to soften them as you would tenderize a steak.

  • Correcting Posture. To begin with a massage chair supports the spine by helping the back maintain a horizontal position in a relaxed position to lengthen and allow each vertebra to regain its natural alignment while freeing the nerves from pressure.

  • Better Sleep. It has been shown that shortly after receiving massage treatment can trigger the release of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that can help you feel calm. These work to decrease stress and anxiety levels which supports improved sleep quality.

  • Flexibility & Range of Motion. Having a massager chair to work on muscles, connective tissues, tendons, ligaments, and joints, regularly, can improve your flexibility and range of motion, keeping your joints more fluid and making them less injury prone.

How Do Massager Chairs Work?

A massager chair is basically a recliner chair with built in motors that activate gears and motors that move rollers that are aligned to go through a program that operates a massage cycle.

 Many electric massage chairs also use air bags to squeeze and release the muscles to stimulate circulation. The massage nodes move in different directions that work various areas from your legs to the back, all the way up to the neck.

The can both run along the backside vertically and horizontially depending on the massage program you choose based on treatment. Various programmable functions from a full body massage to programs that target direct body parts at different intensities.

Massage chairs are designed to mimic the movements you would typically receive from a personal massage with real human hands. As we will discuss below, there are 4 common intregrated massage techniques that electriconic massage chairs can operate to perform.

What kind of treatment do massager chairs offer?

Shiatsu technique: which means to apply finger pressure” is rollers are positioned to perform stretching, holding, and applying pressure to specific trigger points the need to be released. A highly effective approach to relaxing the muscles, reducing stress and help to relieve conditions exacerbated by muscle tension.

Tapping: alternating rollers will create a beating sensation across areas throughout the back to loosen and penetrate while stimulating blood circulation. This technique works to release tension, emotion or energy blockages held within.

Gripping: Some of the better-quality massage chairs will have incorporated compression air socks that will put a squeeze and releasing technique that is common to massaging.

Kneading & Rolling: the built-in rollers will rotate over target areas in an upwards and downwards as well as in a circular motion, similar to the techniques used to manipulate the muscle fibres while creating friction on the skin surface and thus causing an increase in temperature and circulation.

Safety Awareness With Massage Chairs

There are a few things to consider when you choose to safely operate a massage chair. For instance, the chair could collapse due to bad maintenance and overuse, the heaviness and bulky nature  may create safety issues when transporting the chair amoung other things that are mentioned below.

Overuse: Always make sure to read follow the directions of use and do not go beyond the limits of each cycle. Especially when you first use the chair. Even if you feel the temptaion to work a trouble area repeatedly, it can often reverse the effect you are seeking and may increase strain and risk of injury. You may experience unusual soreness and if pain persisists it may be wise to seek the advice of your doctor or phsiotherapist before pursing further use.

Germs & Bacteria: For most user of massage chairs tend to spend 20 min or more. With frequent use comes the need to clean and refresh the cusions t avoid built of batcteria and unpleasant odors. Regularly vacuuming lint and possible pet dander will also keep your chair clean.

Electrical issues: Make sure when ordering a massage chair that it is from a reputable dealer and meets current safety codes and standards of your local laws and country. Tips to avoid electrocution and fires remember to unplug before cleaning, avoid draping blankets over outlets and plugs, have a primary wall outlet rather than using a power bar, do not use if the cord is damaged and away from heated surfaces.

Brands of Massage Chairs

Kahuna Massage Chairs

Kahuna massage chairs can perfrom various techniques such as keanding, tapping, tapping+keading, shiatsu, and rolling for the ultimate massage experience while sitting in a chair. Its claim to fame is how close to a human-touch massage you can get from a robotic chair massager in the privacy of your home. Includes many programmable functions including a variety of stretches and specific programs intented for athletes and those who have greater than average daily activity.  Find out more about these chairs or purchase by clicking any of the links below.

Panasonic Massage Chairs
Panasonic massage chairs are designed with the most advanced premium full body massage chair with manual and preset therapy programs. These are to successfully restore healthful flexibility and well-being in the neck, spine, chest, pelvis, lower core and middle/lower back areas.                                                                                                                                                                    
Rejuvenate and revive yourself by means of the Shiatsu style massage as you would expect from these massager chairs by applying both heat and pressure to accupuncture points for absolute relaxation. 
                                                                                                                                                                                You can personalize your massage experience by choosing from any of the controls and presets as well as intensity and duration of each session. Find out more about these chairs or purchase by clicking any of the links below.
Osaki Massage Chairs

Osaki massage chairs are not only cosmetically appealing but many are made with zero gravity, giving you the most ergonomically correct position as a full body massage chair. You may be happy to hear that Osaki massage chairs also come built with and s-track that will alow its effective rollers to work with the curviture of your spine, deeply penetrating hard to reach areas. Relax and melt into an Osaki while you experience the squeeze and release of overworked muscles by means of the air bags. Find out more about these chairs or purchase by clicking any of the links below.

Human Touch Massage Chairs

Human touch massage chairs are continually upgraded to improve their performance as a massage chair and a relaxation station. You can expect some impressive improvements including  3D massage, lumbar heat, USB charging station along its S & L-track. You can easily adjust the intensity settings in order to customize the right massage pressure to your liking.  Perfect for athletes and professionals of any level to prepare for, and recover from strenuous workouts and workdays. You can order Human touch massage chairs in a variety of styles and colors to match your decor and preferences. Find out more about these chairs or purchase by clicking any of the links below.

Frequently Asked (FAQs) About Massage Chairs

How much does a massager chair cost?  The price you will pay for a robotic massage chair will greatly depend on the brand, quality, and features that are included with the chair. Basic models have been reported as satifactory for regular use. But users of higher end models have found that paying a bit extra is worth the advanced functions, more thorough treatment, and generally a backed warranty and quality build. The cost of cheaper massage chairs will range from $850. Mid to higher ranged machines will run from just under a $1000 upwards of $10,000+

What is a zero gravity massage chair? In recent years zero gravity chairs have become popular as they allow the sitter to become suspended in a position while evenly distributing your weight across the chair, thus causing the force of gravity to have little affect on the body. 

What are S -tracks and L - tracks on a massage chair? The rollers shaped as massage nodes are on a track can run the entire length of your spine down to the bottom of your legs in an L shaped rail that they travel from top to bottom as part of the framing of the chair. The rollers on an S-shaperun with the natural curve of your spine and runs from about your neck area to your lumbar region.

What is 3D roller technology?  In simple terms it is an adjustable function that allows the rollers to move forward and backwards. Particularily we base our level of comfort or pain tolerance depending on the level pressure intensity we prefer when receiving a massage from a machine. In many cases chair massagers will come with a built in motor to more accurately control that pressure when the massage rollers are applied to the muscles.

What is 4D roller technology? It provides a unique style above massage that is only found in higher end models. The function of 4D is unlike 2D where the rollers are moving along a surface but not foward or back. Which brings us to 3D rollers which can be applied and released towards a surface. 4D means that it can do 3D as well as the automatic speed adjustment as pressure is applied to relevant treatments. 

Do some massager chairs have a body scanner? You are more likely to find an infrared body scanner included in a high-end massage chair. These sensors detect at what points a user's body comes in contact with the chair which is sent to a compuer board to be processed and reported. Others use what is called galvanic sensors which can measure the user's pulse rate and perspiration rate. The data is then used to make adjustments of according to tense or stiffness.

Are there space-saving models that can fit even in small and cozy room? Yes, some companies do carry models that are large enough to fit you inside of the chair without the need for a gigantic living room to house it.