Hand Massagers

Benefits Of A Hand Massager

There are many benefits to receiving a hand massage including better range of motion and the rest and fingers as well as the activation trigger points when a cube is apply to various reflexology points that's affecting certain organs and parts of your body.

Note that most of the hand massagers we discuss use a different form of massage when compared to other personal massage machines. These use accupressure rather than accupunture by means of pressurized air cells that knead and squeeze to release tension.

A hand massager is used to help tight muscles and tendons as well as reducing scar tissue and improving circulation. Hand massagers Can Be an Effective Aid symptoms as well as coping with the effects of pain and arthritis which can be painful and effect ones grip strength.

An electric hand massager can be particularily beneficial to those who experiencing pain caused by a lot typing, texting,  playing an instrument, or any repetitive tasks involving the hands and fingers. This can lead to injuries like stiff and sore joints, tendons, ligaments and connective tissues which can be alleviated and managed by increasing flexibilty and good blood circulation though the aid of such a device.

Hand massagers are handy tools whether they are manual or electric as they can provide immediate relief with the convenience of wherever you happen to be due size and portability. 

Tips for using a hand massager:

  • Wear a light glove as the nodes of the machine dig deep enough to leave marks. Having a light barrier tends to help a bit.
  • Take breaks in between sessions to give your body time to setttle.
  • Take it easy. It is recommended to begin using the machine on the lowest setting to begin with to avoid becoming overwhelmed. These devices often need getting used to.

1.Breo iPalm520 Acupressure Hand Massager

If you are looking for a hand massager that works your hands with gentle air pressure and hot compress technology while aiding in relieving tension, the Breo is a good choice. Its both super lightweight and entirely portable, this massager easily travels with you from your home to the office, or any time you can spare 5 minutes for a little relief.

Some users have found a considerable difference when it comes to dailing doen arthritis pain in as little as 5 minutes.  This electric hand massager utilizes air bladders that continually inflate and deflate providing compression therapy. Between the roller and air bladders, your hand is squeezed against the nubs on the bottom that leave a "waffle iron" pattern on your hands that fades after a few minutes following a session.


2. Daiwa Felicity ACU Palm Hand Massagers 

Isn't true that your hands are the most important tools you use in your day to day activity? Whether we are gripping the steering wheel or holding our phone while we thumb a text, the muscles and tendons in our hands are being worked and can become achy and tired.

The Daiwa portable hand massager can provide a relaxing hand massage virtually anywhere, as it is cordless and comes with rechargable batteries. The air pads on bothe the top and bottom move in a rythmic pattern mixing heat and pressure to sooth sore muscles in the hands.


3. Roleo Hand Massager

If you a prefer more basic approach to a hand and wrist massager, you might want to consider using the Roleo manual hand roller massager. It helps to massage the tendons near the wrist, which helps with thumb pain and range of motion limitations.

A sturdy and easily controlled by slipping your hands and wrisits between the upper and lower rollers and move your arm forwards and backwards while pressure is applied to sore spots.

Great for treating muscle tension and adhesions from over working your hands and fingers. Works as a deep tissue roller for your wrists, hands, and feet. Also helps relieve symptoms of carpal tunnel, tendonitis, arthitus, myofascial release, and golfers  and tennis elbow.


4. uKnead uPalm  Hand Massager 

Give your hands the chance to relax and release some of the tension and wear through our daily activites. Especially for those who suffer from arithitis, carpal tunnel or other injuries caused by repetitive use of the fingers and all the tiny muscles and tendons.

If you're looking for a covenient way to relieve yourself and pamper your hands, a personal hand massager like this one may help you in this area. The Uknead Palm hand massager is not only estectically pleasing and modern looking, but has some fantastic pain releiving features worth considering. 


5. Bruntmor Hand Massager

Here is another cordless palm hand massager that you can take with you anywhere you go. This machine was designed specifcally to help to improve your hand health.

It mainly focusses on helping to relieve pain, lessens numbness and numbeness, improves range of motion, encourages good blood circulation, and helps to aid in a better nights sleep.

Imagine sitting in the comfort of your home or office and letting the air compression therapy sueeeze away your tense and aching hands ans fingers.

The opening of the machine is around 4.5 inches wide and 3 inches high. Men and women have both successfully used these massager and have had positive results.