Neck Massagers – Should You Buy One?

Whether it is related to hunching over a desk for hours, pulling a muscle in your neck while sleeping, or standing; possibly performing a repetitive motion throughout the day, you may suffer from strain on your neck and shoulders.

If you have the time and money to hire a physio or massage therapist to provide soft tissue release and other techniques, then this may be the best option. According to the top 10 search results in Google, the average price range runs from aound $40 - $80 per hour and will require you to make and commit to an appointment that works around your schedule.

If however you were looking for a cheap alternative to a similar treatment of relief, that is quick, easy, and convenient, then you may want to consider investing in a personal neck massager. Usually you can order one online for under $100 and can receive fast delivery in many cases.

For the fraction of the price of having to hire a professional or being required to pay a membership at a spa you can enjoy some of the benefits of a neck massage by means of a portable neck massager. Or at least for the cost of a couple sessions you could own one.

You are in complete control. Most models are ergonomically designed with hand loops on each side in which you control the amount of tension you want to apply to your sore spots on your back or shoulders. It is a very simple but effective strategy of allowing you to perform a self massage and letting your body tell you where you want to apply the right pressure at the right spots. Many standard models come with a heat function which can also help loosen and relieve sore and tense muscles while giving you a soothing and relaxing experience.

The idea behind neck massagers is an attempt to replicate the movements that you would receive that are specifically apply to target common trouble areas in the shoulders and neck. They are made up of rotating nodes in a U-pattern in order to mimic the trigger pointing treatments that are performed using the shiatsu massage technique. You can also reverse the direction of the massage nodes.

A huge advantage to these types of machines is their practicality and are easy to travel with. They are generally wireless, lightweight and simple to use. Several types even have rechargeable batteries that you can hold plenty of power by means of its plug in charging adapter. This means you can take these types of massagers anywhere whether you're at home in the office or even in the car.

Do you know someone who could use relief from a pain in the neck?  Neck and shoulder massagers can also make a great gift for that someone who could use some serious stress relief and relaxation. Give yourself or a loved one the benefit of an innovative, therapeutic and relaxing neck massage by the use of one of these handy little units. Any time and nearly anywhere, and all within a few seconds of set up.

Huge Benefits To Using A
Neck Massager

Why should you consider owning a shoulder and neck massager? All of us have experienced neck pain or stiffness one time or another in our life. It can be very agonizing and in some cases cause head aches and other reactions from irritated nerves and muscles in those areas of the body.

There are many very normal daily activites like poor posture, sleeping with your neck in the wrong position, sitting or standing at the wrong angle for too long, or even twisting or jerking your head during a workout. These movements can cause the small bones, ligaments, and muscles that support your neck strain, inflammation, neck pain and stiffness.

Especially if part of your daily routine involves any of these activities on a fairly regular basis, is a good reason to have a high-quality neck massager. This is where owning a neck massaging machine can really help.

Note: If you have any kind of prexisting heart condition, use a pacemaker, or any other health concerns in regards to the the use of this machine, than please check with a physician. before you begin using.

Benefits of using a neck and shoulder massager include:

  • Reducing stress and tension. Removing the build up of nervous energy and tension in the muscles be means of thr reptitive massage movements that penetrate into hard to reach areas without the need for assistance.
  • Improving circulation.   The squeezing and pulling action that the machine is able to produce helps flush lactic acid from the muscles and improves the movement of lymph that essentially carries metabolic waste away from muscles and internal organs, resulting in lower blood pressure. 
  • Encourages healing from soft tissue injuries like sprains. Along with the idea of blood circulation comes the transport of needed materials for the repair and rebuilding of damaged tissue.
  • Restores the body's vital energy. After experiencing the well being of better neck and shoulder health by means of a massage, it will likely help you to feel more revitalzed and energetic.
  • Helps reduce stiffness in the shoulders and neck areas. The idea is to get things loose and then keep things loose. Regularly using a neck massager can aid in preventing the kind of syptoms related to soft tissue issues in the neck and shoulder.
  • Offers some relief to arthritis sufferers.  a moderate pressure massage from a massaging device is among the massage therapies that can help reliever rheumatoid arthritis pain if done with care and not over excessively.


What to look for in a neck messager?


If you were deciding on buying a quality neck massager make sure to look for the following things:

  • Adjustable intensity modes - everyone has their preference for what's too soft or hard. Look for a neck massager that offer this kind of flexibility.
  • Pull on straps. Lie it across top of your shoulders and slip over your arms through the sleeves. Perfect for hugging the machine to your body while allowing you to adjust your own tension on muscles.
  • U-design that’s ergonomically perfect to wrap around your neck and shoulder areas, allowing you to apply as much or as little pressure to a spot that needs a little TLC.
  • Multiple kneading massage nodes. Allowing for more areas of the muscle to be gently penetrated by the rotating nodes. Great for loosening tight muscles.
  • Heat function. Feel thegentle warmth radiating from built in heaters for added relaxation and soothing penetration.
  • Extra long electric cord - pay particular attention to devices that come with a generous size ppwer cord allowing you to sit where you want with full power.
  • Carrying case. Quickly and easily pack up machine and cord into the bag for easy transport when travelling for work or vacation.
  • Versatility. Due to the shape of this device you can use it on multiple areas of your body allowing you to use the machine on other body parts; like your legs and lower back.
  • Car adapter. If you forgot to charge it in the house. No problem! Just plug into the car adapter.
  • Cordless function. Many of the newer models are made to run without having to be plugged into an outlet. Built with rechargeable batteries included in some brands for ultimate freedom.
  • Great customer reviews. It can really helpful to get a  buyers rating of the majority of users have purchaed and shared their oppinio based on their experience.

What is a Shiatsu neck massager?

Shiatsu is a Japanese term that means "finger pressure". It is a form of treatment using kneading, pressing, soothing, tapping, and stretching techniques to treat a wide range of internal, musculoskeletal conditions. A shiatsu neck massager is built to simulate these actions as many prefer the kneading motion over the vibrating action of a handheld massager.

 1. Naipo Cordless Neck and Shoulder Massager

Sit back and relax while this multi-functional advanced heated neck massager gives you the ultimate in stress relief and superb relaxation. You can use this device on a number of trouble areas of the body including your shoulders, neck, back, hips, and legs.

You can expect to pay a bit more for this wireless massager. However, the fact that it comes with rechargeable batteries, allows you to use the machine a number of times on a charge and doesn't limit where you use the machine or force you to rely on a wall outlet for power.  You can also use it while it is charging when you have it plugged in. Although the batteries have a decent lifecycle in relation to the unit itself, it is not designed for them to be easily replaced.

Its built-in heating function works almost immediately after you turn it on giving you immediate relief and can also be activated independently of the heat. Keep in mind that this setting can draw a lot of power and drain the batteries faster.

This machine runs very quietly.  Its best to use this neck massager while in an upright position as lying down may be bulky and uncomfortable. The straps come in a standard 'one size fits all' that works for most people but they are not adjustable.


 2. TekJoy Personal Neck Massager

There's likely a very good reason why the Tekjoy personal neck massager is one of the highest rated neck massagers on Amazon while it continues to wow its users for its many helpful features.

This massager is super flexible. In the comfort of nearly anywhere it'll take just a few minutes to relieve your stiff neck muscles in other price of the body this massagers made for.

People of all walks of life from sport injuries the disabled as well as others who suffer from neck and shoulder problems have benefited from this back and shoulder massager.

It can feel a little big and bulky at first until you get the hang of it. Once you learn to sling it over your shoulders and set your tension using your arms you will begin to have a much better experience.

It does a pretty good job of taking the knots out of your neck and shoulders. Many people who purchase and use this massager like the fact that is so versatile where you can use it not only on your shoulders and neck but your lower back legs and other parts of your body that you can wrap it around and find the right spots.


 3. Bruntmor Neck Massager

This shoulder and neck massager is very similar to the one above many of the same features are included like heat, change of the rotation of the nodes, and it's portability. It also comes in this nice blue color.

Enjoy all the benefits of a great neck massage virtually anywhere you choose. Gone are the days of struggling with cords. Thanks to its powerful, fully rechargeable battery. Select the amount of heat, pressure, and rotation of your choice of custom settings for the ultimate in pain relief and relaxation.

The medicinal benefits of this massager are expressed in the Chinese concept of chi energy. The rebalancing of the vital energy & nutients, along with the removal of waste by means improved circulation by means of a massage. This cordless kneading massager can help store energy and blood flow by applying the proper amounts of pressure encouraging good circulation.

You don't have to worry about wire tangling using this massager you can conveniently Take It Outdoors when you travel or even camping in the woods as it doesn't require power once the batteries are fully charged.

This massager has been described as painful in all the right ways like experiencing the pain involved in a real massage as a vibrating nodes work your muscles. It takes getting used to the digging in feeling. It can hurt but eventually leaves you feeling relaxed and a huge release of  built-up energy.

One of the things that some customers had mentioned is that the arm should be more flexible and adjustable for different size people by maybe using velcro straps or something a way to adjust their length.


 4. Nekteck Deep Kneading Massager

Here is yet another highly recommended shiatsu neck massager that specifically wraps around your shoulders and neck. There nearly 1000 users who for the most part were very happy and got the results they were expecting from this massager.

The buttons for the controls are very simple to use. It's as easy as resting the weight of your arms in the stirrups and applying the desired pressure to your muscles. You will immediately begin to feel some pain, it may tickle a bit, but mainly relief.

These massagers can also be used on other parts of your body your lower back your thighs and even your feet but if you were looking specifically for a machine that specifically massages the foot we recomend you to read the article on foot massagers.

Beware to those who may have issues with blood clotting. This machine would not be advisable to those with the blood clots or similar conditions could jeopardize your health.

There's also very little chance that you will overheat the machine or overwork your muscles is built with a automatic shut-off after about 15 minutes. It is not recommended to overuse this massager as you may end up with the opposite results that you desire.


5. New Five Star Neck & Back Massager

If you are on a budget of around $50, this neck massaging machine is a pretty decent machine for the price. Similar to other quality neck massaging units, it comes with multiple kneading rollers, heating function, forward and reverse directions,

Although it is portable in the sense that you can easily transport it. The truth is that it is not wireless with built-in battery. It requires either to be plugged into the wall or the car cigarette adapter. Has a fairly long cord (around 6 feet).

Relax and enjoy the use of its 3 simple to use push buttons for powering the massager on or off, turning the heat on/off and switching the massage roller heads direction from forward to reverse. You cannot set a specific temperaure for this device.

Although you could be saving $20 or more on this one. It may cost you in other ways. For example, some have who may have more sensitive skin agreed that the fabric around the heads feels a bit abrasive compared to some models. Also, there's no battery and it makes a weird crackling sound. 

It has also been mentioned that it has great pressure and good quality construction.It can really dig in with friction. If it's too much you can just wear a shirt, sweater or use a towel.


Which Neck Massager Will You Choose?

If you are in the market for a quick and convenient solution to neck and shoulder pain, it may be worth it to experience what so many others have in their purchase of a neck massager.

We have discussed many of the benefits from the use of an automatic massager you can use primarily on your neck and shoulders, but also vertsitile enough to effectively penetrate the muscle aches your lower back, thighs, legs, and feet.

If you are really into the idea of being free of cords, than its worth it to spend a few extra dollars and get one with a rechargable battery, so you can even take it outdoors if you wish, without having to rely on a wall outlet.

Many of the products above are similar in their features and their overall ratings from users. It may really boil down to color preference and whether or not you want a wireless set up.

Now that you are armed with a better understanding of these kind of electric massagers you can hopefully choose one of the above 5 choices to easily match your needs and budget.