How To Choose The Best Foot Massager

Why Use A Foot Massager? 

A foot massager can be an effective and affordable solution for anyone with issues involving stiff and aching feet. Depending on the type of foot massager you choose, you can enjoy a soothing bath using a foot spa, a manual foot roller, an electric foot massager that focusses on the pressure points in your feet, or a circulation booster for encouraging blood flow by means of gentle electrical impulse therapy.

According to one study, a person that weighs only 130-pounds can absorb as much as 1.5 million pounds of step impact through his or her feet each day. Things like an active lifestyle, an occupation that requires you to be working on your feet all day, obesity, age, poor footwear, or injury can also have a major impact on the health of your legs and feet.

A good foot massage can definitely help the feet feel better and improve foot health. Some prefer to pay for a professional foot massage. This can be a great option, especially for those that require special attention when it comes to recovery from serious injury and rehabilitation. 

 Still, others have tried doing simple massage techniques, rubbing their feet with their hands or using a tennis ball attempting to relieve their foot pain. But for those who are just looking for an easy and convenient way of getting a quick but effective massage on their own time, a foot massage machine might just do the trick.

Some of the more common causes of foot pain can include swelling from poor blood circulation, fluid build up, and knots or trigger point areas in the muscles caused by injury or repetitive strain.

Being able to carry out our daily functions requires us to find relief from the recurring foot pain we may be experiencing. Especially if we happen to live with a pre-existing condition or circumstance that causes us to suffer from sore and swollen feet.

How Effective Are Foot Masssagers?

How can a foot massager help with foot swelling? When it comes to swollen feet, the idea is to apply or combine heat and pressure to your troubled areas in order to encourage blood circulation and decrease inflammation. 

The 2 methods of treatment for at home are either using a foot bath massager or using air compression machines, both widely known effective means of helping to relieve swollen feet.

One huge advantage to using a foot spa is that they offer a 360-degree massage as your entire foot is immersed in hot jetted water therapy. These are also said to aid in foot detoxification, reducing swelling through helping the body rid itself of toxins.

How can a foot massager help with knotted foot muscles? Another common cause of foot discomfort is caused by micro-tearing of muscle tissue which creates scar tissue.

Some evidence shows that a knot may be a patch of polluted tissue. One of the most effective treatments involves a trigger-point massage technique.

The built-in nodes and rollers on an electric foot massager mimic the movements of a regular massage when applying stripping strokes, direct pressure, and vibration on the tender spots of your feet while stretching and flexing them.

5 Benefits Of A Foot Massager 

  • 1
    Effective Pain Relief.  There's nothing like looking forward to coming home to a simple device you can plug in the wall, hit a button, and start getting some instant relief from the stress and tension from tired and worn out feet. Some users have claimed that these kinds of massages can even help with headaches. There is no doubt that the feeling of releasing stress energy from your feet can be invigorating and allow for a healing environment. The nice thing about a lot of these machines is their adjustable settings. You can generally start on a gentle level and work your way up to a deeper and more intense setting.
  • 2
    Encourages healthier feet. Think about it. Your foot muscles are under enormous pressure as they support the entire weight of your body where it meets the surface of the ground or floor. Not to mention if you happen to spend a lot of time standing, walking, or running. Whenever our muscles are used to move and support us, they are experiencing the wears and tears of life and eventually need time for healing and repair. Our feet certainly deserve to be properly maintained and cared for as part of our health and well being. In other cases where someone is restricted to less than normal movement, a foot massager can be used to encourage the stimulation of cells in our legs and feet that are more dormant as a result of age or lack of mobility.
  • 3
    A better night's sleep. Whether you believe in the benefits of reflexology or not, a foot massage has proven to have a calming effect on people. The release of built-up tension and strain can feel liberating to the mind and body. This can improve your mood, which in turn will help you relax. When we are in a relaxed state, we can produce a chemical in our brain called Melatonin which helps our body prepare for sleep thus improving the chances for a well-deserved rest. It's as easy as running through a quick 10-minute cycle to help you get ready for bed. 
  • 4
    Improves blood circulation. Especially for those who are older, overweight, live a sedentary lifestyle, or wear have improper footwear can poor circulation in the legs and feet be a major issue.  Inflammation can also quickly flare up after a long time on our feet standing, walking, or running. Some find it especially painful the moment they stop the activity and sit down to relax. Shortly after does the swelling begins to kick in. Using a foot massager for as little as 10 minutes a day may be a help in stimulating healthy blood flow by removing waste and supplying fresh oxygen to the feet.
  • 5
    Convenience. You get to choose whenever you feel the need for a little foot relief. Unless you have oversized feet, many foot massager machines are built with a one size fits all approach. Most foot massagers are small enough to easily store out of the way when you're not using and compact enough to take with you to work or when traveling. There are very few parts necessary for operation. Normally, the machine will include a power adapter and some models come with air compression leg wraps that easily attach to the machine. In most cases, standard home use foot massagers are also very quick and simple to assemble.
How to locate the most suitable foot massager?

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Depending on the specific type of therapy you prefer or require as well as the area of your leg or foot that needs addressing, make sure to have a look at the choice of four options below. Some will involve or combine methods of hydrotherapy, heat, rollers, air compression, and in some cases neuromuscular electrical stimulation.

As far as money is concerned, you are likely to spend around $100 for a basic model and upwards of $800 for a more advanced machine. The difference can be in the type of rollers that are used, the life span of the motor and parts, and other advanced features in higher end models.

With so many options to choose from, it can be confusing when having to choose a foot massager that best suits our needs and lifestyle. 

If most of your issues involve the bottom of your feet,  a basic pad style foot massager with multiple rotating knodes can be an efffective stress reliever. For a more intense experience, the full calf and foot massagers with rolling action, controlled air pressure, and heat may be what you're looking for. 

Of course who could deny the soothing feeling of hot jetted water gently blasting away all the foot tension from a long day. Finally, for those who looking to improve circulation without the need for a bulky massage unit, elecrical therapy via a circulation booster.

Once you have a better idea of the type of massager you want for your feet, than want to look for these important criteria to make the best buying decision:

  • Therapeutic effectiveness. Nearly all foot massagers will have some level of positive effect on your foot well being. Depending on the degree of treatment you need and how regular you need it, will determine your selection. The more elements you can include like having heat, pressure, and kneading action is usually the most popular choice when it comes to the best treatment.
  • Buyer reviews & ratings. Generally speaking, people don't lie about whether they like something or not. Especially they have spent their hard earned money on. That being said, its worth checking out how others have experienced using the various foot massaging machines. Normally places like Amazon can be a great place to read find this kind of feedback.
  • Assembly & Use. Most of us don't want to spend a lot of time having to put something together, tear it down in pieces, and have to find a place to store it. Normally there are very parts to attach other than a power adapter.

 4 Types Of Foot Massagers

1. Manual foot massager. A very low-tech but effective way to treat the soft tissue areas of the foot. These are generally not that expensive but work quite well.  You simply lay the roller on the floor or a flat surface and using your weight while applying pressure to the massage rollers. The only downfall is that some get tired of rolling your foot back and forth motion opposed to having a foot massaging machine do the work for you.

2. A Foot Spa. Foot bath massagers have been around for many years. These electric foot massaging devices use hot water and hydro Jets simulating a mini hot tub for your feet. The water is nice because you can add Epsom salts tea tree oil or other soaps and fragrances, creating a more relaxing environment.

3. Electric foot massagers. These are either powered by a wall outlet or a chargeable battery. These are the most common when people think of a foot massager. By means of electric motors moving the kneading nodes in a rotation, these can mimic the actions of a massage therapist, with the most common being the Shiatsu style. You can, therefore, pinpoint areas of the foot that need greatest the attention. Allowing the machine to help you relax.

4. Circulation Booster. Although there is no actual massage action involved, circulation boosters are a way to improve blood circulation in your legs and feet. Thus improving overall well-being when it comes to foot care. These devices use electrical stimulation to activate the muscles nerve endings in your legs & feet to contract and release, getting blood to flow. Better circulation means healthier feet and less pain.


3 Top Rated Shiatsu Foot Massagers


Ucomfy Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat

Unlike some massagers that are built for the bottom of your feet, this shiatsu foot massager is equipped to immerse each foot from top to bottom with a firm squeeze of pressure to help support healthier and more relaxed feet.

It seems to be a good choice for those with larger feet. Users with sizes 12-13 were able to comfortably fit and get full benefits. But also fits small and medium sizes as well. 

When placing your feet inside the massager, you'll need to make sure   Its also nice to know that if you especially have multiple users of the machine, the cloth liner for the feet is washable for hygenic purposes. 

This massager is fairly light weight and compact enough to easily store away or take with you on the go if you happen to work or travel abroad.

As do many of the masssager, it take some getting used to when trying to fit foot foot inside. It can even feel a bit restricitve but it is design this way in order to completely encapsulate your feet.

 Also, you need to hold the back of the sock insert around your heel on each foot separately, similar to when you are putting on your shoes.



Brookstone F4 Shiatsu Foot Massager

Sore and tired feet will welcome the benefits that come with using a Brookestone compact foot massager. Similiar to the one above, it comes with all the standard options that you would expect to find a portable foot massager.


If you want to sit in front of the T.V and have a foot massage, you don't have to worry about hearing your show. This model is very quiet. It gently hums along whether you receive gentler or more aggressive treatment.

These machines are light, portable, and have a sleek appearance. The components built into this particular massager for feet aggressively target trouble areas and focus on the pressure points in your feet to relieve tightness and discomfort that comes with various foot issues. 

A great feature to this electric foot massager is that the inside cover can be removed and is machine washable, if you are concerned about your foot hygene. It can be quickly unzipped and wraps and zips back up after a cleaning.

Be aware that in the higher setting this unit has been considered a foot crusher. The treatments are intense but some who have lower pain tolerance use it on the lower settings.  Some have found that it doesn't work the heals as much as the front and middle of the bottom of your feet.



Human Touch Reflex 4

foot & calf massagers

Its as easy as plugging it in, finding a comfortable seat and popping your feet and legs into the front of the device, and start relieving the strains and pains that you may be suffering with by the touch of a button. All types of people including athletes to those with certain health conditions which require the stimulation of nerves and blood flow in your feet and calves are benefitting from this  massager.

One huge advantage to the the Reflex - 4 foot and calf massager is that it comes with its patented figure-8 technology. The rollers actually rotate in a figure 8 wave motion moving up the legs.  This particular machine was designed to improve on existing machines.

Compared to other foot massagers that tend to restrict the circulation at the ankle and pool blood in the foot. The massage that comes from the upper portion of the machine stimulates your calf muscles as well, thus forcing the blood from the feet back to the heart and improving circulation. This also aids in transporting fresh oxygen and other nutrients to the target areas.

Instead of having to sit completely upright, this machine has an ergonomic adjustable base in which you can angle your feet  and lean back in your chair and still get a great massage in your feet and legs.

This machine is great for the backs of your calves and the bottom of your feet, but keep in mind that it is opened ended in the front, so if you are looking for full foot submersion, you won't be getting quite as full a foot massage as you would from closed ended ones. You might notice that you need to keep moving your heel back into position because it moves your foot forward.  Also, this model does not come with a heat function. For some users this will not be an issure.


3 Top Rated Foot Spas


Gideon Luxury Foot Spa

Some people are only looking for a quick and easy way to massage their feet by using a electric manually control foot massager. 
While others prefer the old fashioned method of soaking them in hot water using a simple foot soaking a tub sometimes with bubbles, adding either epsom salts or oils.

Why just have one or the other when it comes to a foot massager? Treat your feet to the works with this all-in-one bubbling foot spa with motorized massage rollers and plenty of heat to enhance your relaxation.

You can customize your foot massage experience by using the digital controls that allow you to turn on or shut off each of the various functions independently including the massage rollers and bubbles. Even the sound of the bubbling is relaxing to hear.

No more having to dump your foot massager into the sink and spilling water all over the counter.This machine has a conveniently-placed built-in water drain to avoid any mess. 

There's no need to boil water in the kettle or use lukewarm water from the sink as this unit also comes with a built-in heater which can be operated using its digital control system to accurately set and monitor water temperature. It heats up to a maximum of 118F°   which is a soothing temperature for your feet.  The water heats up quickly and stays heated throughout your session.

A couple of notable issues with this unit was that it doesn't have a handle which sucks when you have to lift it. Also, due to size and bulkiness some have found that it can be difficult to store. Although this machine comes with 6 massage rollers, only 2 are powered.



Ivation Foot Bath Spa 

If you love dipping your feet in really hot water after a long day on your feet or some vigorous physical exercise, this may be the machine for you as it can heat up to 121 F° or 49C°. Not only is this unit is quiet and easy to use but it keeps the water hot, unlike some units that end up with tepid water after a few minutes.  The bubbles feel great on the feet and provide a calming effect.

Transporting is simple using its plastic blue ring that raises up as a handle in order for you to carry like a basket and hold when your are emptying. It holds roughly 3 gallons of water and it is easiest to fill. If you begin filling it with cold or lukewarm water from the tap, it will take approximately 30 minutes to reach maximum temperature. 

 If you plan to sit in your favorite spot like in front of the T.V for example, you'll likely need an extension cord as the power cord to that comes with the unit is only around 4 feet long and may not reach your closest wall outlet.

If you have larger feet, this may not be the best choice as it doesn't seem to comfortably fit even a mens size 12 without squishing toes and restricts where you can place your feet on the rollers  This is likely best for those with man and women with smaller feet. 

In most cases you will want to have a towel handy to dry your feet and yet another great feature of this foot spa is that you can take your feet out of the water and rest them on the top lid area let your feet drip dry first before using a towel.



Kendal Foot Spa Bath 

This foot massaging machine is the perfect blend of of vibration, heat, and bubbles for the ultimate in foot relaxation and therapy.  

It’s very simple to operate, and the features are not complicated. Simply switch the dial to your prefererred treat options for best results. There's no assembly required. It will take 5-10 minutes to get hot. 

Although the heater in this machine works good, there is no on/off switch for the heater and be aware that the heat comes out of the middle from little holes that are right between the arches of your feet. If you don't pay attention and your feet actually happened to rest up against the holes then when that hot water comes out it will burn you. Also, some users may not care for the massage rollers as they kind of hurt your feet if you have sensititve soles. Fortunately they can be easily removed. It's also a bit loud for the price.