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Massagers – How To Find The Best One?

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The demands of life can be stressful on the body. Whether at work or at play, our muscles can become stiff and ache from repetitive motions or in some cases lack of mobility due to occupation or level of physical ability.

What causes muscles to knot? If a muscle clenches too tight for too long, scar tissue forms. This restricts blood flow and creating very painful results. Normally the muscles will slide as the flex and stretch. But sometimes they become knotted thus becoming a trigger point which causes pain.

A personal massaging machine mimics the techniques involving the pressing, rubbing and manipulating of the skin, muscles, tendons, and ligaments that are generally performed by a massage therapist by means of vibration, heat, air compression, and rolling nodes.

Seeking a professional is always the best choice, especially when it comes to sports injuries, trauma therapy, and rehabilitation. This requires special treatment that should be performed by someone who is properly trained. But for those with simpler needs, an electric massager can be effective.

Let’s face it, there’s nothing like the human touch. Maybe you just want a relaxing massage to ease the tension and stress that are built up in your muscles.  Going to a health club or clinic that offers massage therapy can cost from $60 per hour and up, not to mention the inconvenience of having to schedule and show up for an appointment.

The alternative is to purchase a personal massager for home use or on the run.There is a fantastic selection of massagers that can work your muscles literally from your head to your toes. Check out the 10 benefits of getting a body massage and decide if you would like to have this kind of experience.

Check out the 10 benefits of getting a massage whether you hire a massage therapist or choose to use an electric massager device. 

10 Benefits Of Using A Massager

  • 1Lowers stress & anxiety. Receiving a massage helps your brain increase the neurotransmitters associated with lowering anxiety decrease hormones associated with increasing anxiety.
  • 2Reduces muscle tension. A massager can knead your muscles which promotes relaxation, improves soft tissue function, decreases stiffness along with the fatigue that comes from performing physical exercise, and may help prevent injuries. 
  • 3Improves Sleep. It is believed that during and after a massage your body can trigger the release of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that can help you feel calm, which supports your falling asleep. Removal of bodily tension can definitely be an encouraging factor in achieving a good nights sleep. 
  • 4Helps relieve tension headaches. Muscle contraction headaches are the most common and are generally caused by stress which triggers muscles in the neck, face, scalp, and jaw causing pain. A neck or head massager can be a big help in loosening these tiny muscles. 
  • 5Aids in pain relief.  Some researchers have indicated that massaging can help reduce pain caused by back problems, neck problems, joint pain or stiffness, arthritis, foot issues and other musculoskeletal conditions. Regularly using a massager in a specific area of the body without overuse can have benefits for your well being. 
  • 6Improved Circulation. The pressures applied to the skin and muscles by a massage machine helps moves blood through congested areas while encouraging new blood to flow in, flushing lactic acid from the muscles and improving circulation. Thus resulting in lower blood pressure and overall improved body function. Some foot massagers come with an air muscle compression system that helps with circulation in the legs and feet. 
  • 7Increased range of motion. By relieving muscle spasms and cramping in your shoulders, neck, or lower back by the use of a massager, keeping everything loose can allow you greater freedom of movement and better flexibility. 
  • 8Helps recover from strenuous workouts. Particularly for athletes and those who engage in high energy activities like running or even standing all day can a massager be an asset. Foot massagers are great after a long day foot pounding during exercise. The built-in rollers, adjustable settings, and air feature can relax your feet. Foot soakers with jets are also a great way achieve ultimate foot rejuvenation. 
  • 9Supports a healthy nervous system. Massage takes away the tension that is dissolved in the human body’s nerves. Thus, we could say that our nervous system is recharged by massaging helping it reach and maintain normal function. 
  • 10Improves your mood. We all know how stress and physical pain can take a toll on our nerves.  Tense muscles can also cause a lack of mobility. This can have a direct effect on our mood and what we’re willing and not willing to do. A muscle massage can be just the thing to release negatively trapped energy and release feel-good chemicals. 

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Are electric massagers for eveyone? As mentioned earlier, it is the best treatment to visit a professional for serious injuires or rehabilitation. But for those who are looking for relief from everday pain and stiffness, a massager can stimulate the blood flow and help help relax muscles in an affected muscle group. Using combinations of heat, vibration, and pressure, and rubbing motion has had positive results for many people. 

Whether you are an athlete looking to reduce the tightness and swelling that comes from high activity, you work at an occupation that requires long hours of standing or repitive movements, or you are experiencing some of the pain related to aging, massagers have their place. Most of them also have the convenience of taking them wherever you go. For those who travel, you can easily pack with luggage.

Although massagers can have effective results, always folllow the instructions give , so as to avoid over use and end up having the opposite effect as what you would expect. Also, for those with exisitng health issues, make sure to consult a health professional first.

What Are The Most Popular Types of Massagers?

Depending on your needs and budget, there is a wide array of choices when it comes to finding the right massager. To help you navigate through the different types of electric massagers, we have prepared a list to simplify your search.

Massage Chairs. If you’re looking for the complete massage experience you can only find it in a massage chair. Massage chairs designed to envelop your entire upper and lower body. Many massage chairs cover areas such as the neck, upper/lower back, shoulders, arms, hips, and legs. A combination of vibration, pressure, heat, and rollers allows you to customize your massage experience. Any of these chairs are multi-functional and can be set to fit your personal preferences. You will also find zero gravity massage chairs that allow you to lean back and feel “weightless” during your massage session. Manufacturers have claimed that this leaning back position has many health benefits. Learn more>>

Foot Massagers. For those who spend a lot of time on their feet, an electric foot massager can be a real help when it comes to easing the pain sore feet and improving blood circulation in your legs. There are different styles of foot massagers to choose from including a pad where you lay your feet on and boat rollers roll across your feet or you can find foot massager picking also comes with an air device to adjusting blood pressure and circulation. To your basic foot roller that you rub your foot back and forth on. They are cheap and you control the amount of applied pressure. Choosing the best foot massager will depend on your budget and preferences. See our buying guide to foot massagers. Learn more>>

Neck  Massagers. Tight and stiff neck muscles can cause fatigue, headaches, poor concentration. Receiving a neck massage can help eliminate many of these issues while improving your posture and flexibility, increasing your range of motion, lowering blood pressure and heart rate. A neck massager machine can definitely aid in helping with relaxation and stress relief. The most common type of neck massagers for home use is the wrap around stirrup style. It’s as easy as wearing the device on your shoulders with the rollers applied to these areas as you rest your arms in the loop handles and applying pressure to increase or decrease tension in your neck and back. Learn more>>

Back Massagers. Probably the most effective machine back massage would be in a massage chair. But, if you want to find something smaller or more affordable, that can do an efficient job of loosening stiff back muscles, there are a number of options. A vibrating hand massager, a pillow massager, a massage seat cushion, or a neck & shoulder massager are all great ways to achieve some much-needed relief for a stiff back. There are many different types of massagers you can use to loosen up your upper and lower back. These include wrap around, pulsating hand massagers for hard to reach places, seat pad massagers, pillow massagers and simple handheld manual massagers with ball ends to apply pressure to trouble areas. Learn more>>

Hand Massager. Where can you get some relief from chronic stress caused by arthritis, muscle soreness or carpal tunnel syndrome in your wrists and hands? You can choose from a variety of manual and electric hand massagers. These devices replicate deep tissue and trigger point therapy massage techniques that help promote normal blood circulation and relieve pain in the arms, hands, wrists, and fingers. The cheaper way to go is to buy a manual hand in the form of a wrist roller. The other option is an electric hand massager which uses a combination of air pressure point massage with  infrared heat compression. Learn more>>

Head Massagers. A scalp massage can be very relaxing and beneficial to your health. It is said to decrease stress, boost your mood, increased circulation, and in some cases promotes hair growth.  The most common kind of head or scalp massager typically comes with wired or plastic bristles that stimulate the cells within your scalp as you gently applying pressure to your head. There are also electric head massagers that come with rotating heads. There is even a scalp or head massager helmet that air pressure function, it works squeezing acupuncture points on forehead, temples and back side of the head. Some even include heat, vibration, and built-in music for the perfect relaxing atmosphere. Learn more>>

Leg Massager. A popular form of massaging the legs is to use an air leg massager. The air compression leg wraps works by applying and releasing pressure to the lower calf and in some cases the thighs, helping to improve circulation and relieves fatigue and pain associated with poor circulation. On the cheaper end of the budget, you can purchase a leg roller stick massager. You can manually apply pressure to trouble areas by means of its built-in a roller that kneads out knots. Learn more>>

Eye Massagers.  These devices claim to provide relief from eyestrain, puffiness, fatigue, and headaches. The technology behind an eye massager allows it to stimulate acupressure points on your head while giving you the relaxing benefits of a traditional massage. Usually, these are a combination of air compression with a gentle vibration massage, and heat function. These electronic eye massagers are designed with many modes and adjustable settings for a relaxing a rivigorating eye and head massage. Learn more>>


As we have discussed, there are some fantasic benefits to using a massager. Thanks to better technology, there are a wide array of massaging machines for nearly every muscle on your body including your head, shoulders, back, legs, feet, and even your eyes. Many kinds of people in different circumstances have claimed to benefit from using a massager regardless of their age and activity level. 

For more specific information on a particular massager, click on any of the “learn more” links above to make an informed decision on the best massager machine for your, needs and budget. Also, please see our blog on shared tips for improving and maintaining a healthy body and mind.